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General Calc Links:

>> the best general calc site out there. A huge archive (I think they have around 80,000 files?) with files for every TI calculator, as well as computer files and documentation. Check it out.

>> TI-Net: a site that keeps the TI community up to date on the latest news and programming.

>> host to a lot of great sites like G-Force and Patrick Davidson's page. They also sell calculators (HP and TI) and will hopefully reinstate their archive.

>> MaxCoderz: a group of VERY talented programmers who work on large-scale games for the TI 83/+/SE. Members of the old Alienhead Productions now program here.

>> JamCalc: a really nice page, with a lot of Tricks and Glitches for the TI 83/+/SE.

>> Texas Instruments: *yawn* the official TI page.