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The return of Trudgen Scope?
Posted: 9_16_02 by Jazz Man

Hey everyone, it's Jazz Man *cheering* back to update the Trudgen Scope place-holder page. Also, it's finally time for some news.

Since getting back to school, everyone in Trudgen Scope decided (individually, mind you) to get a TI 89. Most of us needed them for AP Calc BC, and then there's Red Storm... hrm. Well anyway, this means that on top of our high quality (?) TI 83 BASIC programs, we can now bring you higher quality TI 89 BASIC programs. Also, I just downloaded the TIGCC IDE, so it's actually possible that T^S will move further ahead in programming languages, since we actually know C (well, C++, but we can learn).

Now that T^S is back, you're probably wondering about the fact that we announced Wheel of Fortune and then never did a damn thing about it. As it turns out, no one had the time over the summer to program, but now that we're back in school we can start working on the game. It's been a really exciting idea for quite some time, so very soon we plan to actually work on the program.

Finally, just for the hell of it I'm posting the simple program I made for AP Statistics. It's a Y-List histogram program (if you don't understand this, move on). I know that the idea is really simple, but I just took the 5 minutes to automate the dirty work that no one wants to do (that seems to be the extent of my math programming :P). So check it out in the Programs section.

Okay, update over. Go to your room.