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Oh yes! The members of Trudgen Scope!

Jazz Man: I made this stupid place-holder page, so I get to be first. I program in BASIC for TI 83/+/SE, TI 89, and I'm starting to learn C (i.e. adapt my C++ knowledge) for the TIGCC compiler for TI 89.

Red Storm: Our resident gaming man, just because he seems to like making line games. TI 83/+/SE BASIC, TI 89 BASIC(?).

Mr. X: Does non-calc graphics (very good ones) and funny text-based games that the world will never see (like CCOLLECT). TI 83/+/SE BASIC, TI 89 BASIC(?).

C Guy: The C++ expert. Makes graphical games that only run slow because the 83+ processor is slow. TI 83/+/SE BASIC, TI 89 BASIC(?), C for TIGCC/89(?).