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Here are some hand-picked, top-of-the-line calculator links. Browse at your own risk (gasp!) but be warned: some of the site on this list have (and many still are) experienced some major downtime, so if you go to a site and it doesn't work, it's the fault of the site, not of a faulty link. Okay, here they are: - host to the most comprehensive file archive out there. A definite first stop on the search for TI resources. - another good archive site. Also has a lot of interactivity.

Void Productions - home of Mario v1.2, the Zelda project, and much more.

Detached Solutions - a great software group that brought MirageOS, CalcSys, Symbolic, and Omnicalc to the TI world.

Radical Software - another really neat programming group.

Kevtiva, Inc 2002 - the homepage of Kevtiva, an entertainment company that has some great info on advanced BASIC programming among other things.

Alienhead Productions - a good site for TI games and other stuff.

Cahal Technologies - home to a really amazing technology group. Check this page out.

JamCalc - a recently renovated programming group. - a new site that looks very promising to the TI scene. - homepage of calc genius Michael Vincent.

Patrick Davidson's page - the homepage of a really great calc developer. Download his greatest programs here (especially Orzunoid!).

That's all for the links. Stay tuned for more updates!

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