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Other Things
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Other Things:

Undocumented Tricks   ||   Article: The TI Scene   ||   SE compatability

Undocumented Tricks:

The MirageOS BASIC Archive Glitch

This is a very strange glitch (well, I'm pretty sure it's a glitch, but it MAY be intentional) that happens with MirageOS. Open MirageOS, and then use it to run a BASIC program. Take note: it MUST be Archived when you run it. Now, get to a point in the program that uses the Input or Prompt command (just make sure you have to put in something, and that the cursor is flashing). Instead of inputting something, use the [2nd][Quit] escape that lets you exit without pushing [On]. Now normally this would simply quit the program, but for some reason a new program is created. The program is listed under the [prgm] menu as "Z,1.", and when you press enter to run it, a different name is pasted to the Home Screen: "Zi1CubicReg". This is very strange indeed, but the somewhat practical application is that it unlocks the program you were working in (if it was locked). So if you're running an archived, locked BASIC program from someone else and you suddenly think "Hey, I wanna see that code!" then you can just [2nd][Quit] and then edit Z,1. to see how it was done. NOTE: prgmZi1CubicReg will not run from the Home Screen, but it WILL run from MirageOs. Isn't this the weirdest bug?

Fun with the [prgm] Menu

Okay, first a disclaimer of sorts: THIS BUG HAS NO PRACTICAL APPLICATION WHATSOEVER!!!! Now then... go to either the [prgm] menu or the [Apps] menu. With any of the programs/apps highlighted, press the [X,T,0,n] key. This will make it look like all of the programs/apps have disappeared except for the last one. This is really strange, because the number next to the remaining program/app will stay the same (it won't change to "1"). Then when you press up, each press re-unveils the program above the first one displayed. This may sound a bit confusing, but you'll understand better when you try it. It's stupid, I know, but I've always found it interesting. UPDATE: even wierder.. if you do this same thing at the EDIT part of the [prgm] menu, then the last program that you have will appear as the only one - even if it's locked! As you press up, the programs that can be edited will appear one by one until the number shown equals the number of programs that you can actually edit. Then, if you go down to the last one and press down one more time, the names will all change back to an ordered list of editable programs. Weird, huh?

Article: The TI Scene - written by Tristan Dahl

     I've got some complaining to do about the TI scene these days, and this seems to be the only place where I can do it. My complaint is pretty obvious, but still needs to be said: What the hell has happened to the TI community? I can remember when the archvies were updated every day - with quality programs. None of this crap where some loser writes a program to do something already on your calc as a function. Now granted, I'm not saying that [MLT≥] is a ground-breaking math program, but it took time and work to produce. People nowadays are submitting files to acrhvies that are 200 bytes, or they simply invert the screen, or something like that. Okay, we get the picture guys. Start writing better programs.

     Another thing that bothers me is source code. Now, before you fire up your e-mail to call me a f***ing moron, let me clarify. I obviously can't hate source code as a whole. What I hate is when someone (and yes, there is ONE person who submits to that is the topic of this) sends in a file that only has a .txt or .doc file with source in it. Come on, you loser. If you don't have a GraphLink, you can still download the software and make a .8xp program. Don't do this .doc crap. Grr.

     Yet another thing: where are all the legends nowadays? Right now, the lead programmer in my eyes is Michael Vincent. The kid is 15 and he's writing ground-breaking programs (and shells, and apps, and ...) left and right. Patrick Davidson is up there too (Orzunoid and 20 levelsets take up my Flash ROM right now), but we can't check his progress anymore because the morons at can't solve their coding errors, and they've taken all of their hosted sites down with them (check out that link for - it won't work). This downtine of course limits us from every other major programmer. I have no idea where the Zelda project of Void Prodcutions is going, and of course Mario legend Sam Heald is nowhere to be found either. Besides these and a few other key names, most of the famous programmers seem to be gone. Joe W. of ION fame seems done, and others just haven't programmed.

     Finally, it seems that besides the prominent sites,, Detacheds Solutions, Radical Software, MaxCoderz, and the newly formed, there aren't any other sites that regularly update. Now, this may seem like enough at first, but when you think about it, it's not nearly what it used to be. I can't even count the amount of calc sites where the "last updated" date is like October 2000. This is really pathetic.

     Well, I guess I've run out of things to say. Send all of your hate mail, negative criticsm, or gossip to

SE compatability: BASIC in MirageOS

For those of you who haven't noticed, there is an interesting bug in MirageOS version 1.1. It goes like this: BASIC programs (especially ones written on an + and then transfered to an SE) don't run well out of M.OS on an SE. I first noticed this when I tried out [MLT≥] on my new SE and then my RAM cleared. In my attempts to investigate this bug, I successfully cleared my RAM 8 times in a row, within 5 minutes. The calc freezes every time that a BASIC program gets to an input or prompt line. Don't ask me why. Detacheds Solutions has said that this bug will be fixed in the next M.OS release, but who the hell knows when that will be. Stay tuned for more information about this bug as it becomes available.

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