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Dojo Productions

Welcome to the official web site of Dojo Productions. This is a calculator production organization that specializes in BASIC programs for the TI 83 Plus. Typically, our files will be hosted at for statistical purposes, but there are some programs which we will exclusively offer.

QuickNews:   6|14|02   BIG MERGER: The future of BASIC Posted by:  T.D.

Today I have decided to announce something that's been brewing for a few weeks: Dojo Productions has merged with jC-Ce. The new group formed will be known as Trudgen Scope. There is already a program sitting in the pending folder that has the Trudgen Scope name on it; it is called Grade Genie, programmed by Red Storm. In the VERY near future, this page will cease to exist, and the Trudgen Scope page will take over. This is very exciting, because there are now 5 talented BASIC programmers working together. You will probably only see this news item for a few days, but regardless... thanks to all who supported Dojo Productions, and I hope you all continue to come here for Trudgen Scope, your source for high quality TI programs. Until the T.S. page is up, this is T.D., signing off for Dojo Productions.

QuickNews:   6|4|02   New Member, Future Plans Posted by:  T.D.

First off, we are proud to announce another addition to the Dojo Productions staff. The infamous Mr. X of jC-Ce fame has joined D.P. This comes at a good time for us, because we have future plans in the works for expansion.

The major plans are as follows: first, we are already in the process of a new project, Neo Blackjack. This will be released in the near future. Also, we are considering new methods for hosting our page. One would be to set up a server and buy, which would be fairly cheap since we wouldn't need to purchase web hosting. The other would be to be hosted by the newly revived The only downside is that our address would be "" (or maybe just ~dojo).

E-mailed input would really be appreciated. Stay tuned for updates on this situation!

QuickNews:   6|2|02   CELEBRATION!!! 1k + !!!!! Posted by:  T.D.

Well everyone, the wonderful day has finally come. Dojo Productions has broken 1000 downloads thanks to the SAT Dojo programs. Also, I just sent Direct in, so it looks like big things are in the D.P. future!!! Check out all of our programs at

QuickNews:   6|1|02   SAT II MATH Dojo Released Posted by:  T.D.

Today, my newest math program, SAT II MATH Dojo, was posted on I made the program in time for the SAT II's, and people loved it in my class. I also have a port for the 83 regular, which is also on (see the Programs section for links to both). Go check it out, it's a GREAT program. Really a nice addition to the math series.

On a side note, the About section has changed to reflect the addition of Red Storm to the Dojo Productions staff. We're still working on putting Direct up in the ticalc archives. Stay tuned.

QuickNews:   5|29|02   New Member and New Game Posted by:  T.D.

I am happy to announce today that there is a new member to the Dojo Productions staff. Red Storm, a BASIC programmer, has joined and already released a program for Dojo. The info will not be up in the Programs section until gets the prog up in their archives, but needless to say it is a really neat game. I ported it to the 83 regular, so look for this new game soon! Once again, I'm glad to welcome Red Storm aboard, and hopefully this marks the beginning of a growth for Dojo Productions.

Please read our DISCLAIMER.

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Added info about SE compatability with BASIC in M.OS. Other Things

Page Sections:

Programs - This page will showcase completed programs by Dojo Productions. It will also have the proper links for downloading each program, whether it be at or here.
Projects - Take a look at the calculator projects which are currently under development. Some programs here may have beta versions available for download.
Links - Browse through links to TI-related resources, as well as some random interest links.
About - Read some biographical information about Dojo Productions.
Other Things - This page will highlight some non-calculator oddities. Caution: this section may be very random and cause slight headache.

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The current "official" e-mail address for all questions, comments, etc. is


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